Who are we?


Quinn: An artist who picked up farming

Theus: A farmer who picked up an artist

Pragmatic dreamers, Quinn & Theus live an unconventional life in NE Portland. Housed in their converted former S.W.A.T truck, they pursue a life integrated with community and the landscape.



Quinn, a whimsical loud mouth, has transformed her 3-D artistic practice into living by a DIY mantra. Building a life for herself both literally and figuratively, she finds great joy in learning through trial and error with creative problem solving. Seeking to push the definition of farming in the 21st century, Quinn aims to create a farming model that can evolve and adapt with the metric of inevitable change. With a twinkle in her eye, silly and serious at the same time, Quinn embraces the paradox of life. Whether it be hot gluing googley eyes to ridiculous craft projects, diving in deep into the emotional side of the human experience, or her curiosity of eating hyper seasonally, Quinn welcomes life with all its twists and turns as she dances her way through it. 



With strength and sensitivity, Theus is intricate and sincere. Fiercely brave yet vulnerable, he faces challenge with a smile and shies not from the shadows of life. He pursues a rich and deep relationship with the land, drawing from a variety of interests. Theus finds solace in stillness and working behind the scenes to draw out the complexities of the human experience. Coming from the adventure world of climbing and long distance running, it has been farming that has truly given Theus roots in the earth. When not in the garden, he enjoys a rich meditation practice, writing poetry, reading, conversation, jiu-jitsu and other movement practices.