Taste & Flavor

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New Kid On The Block

Our salad dressing is different. We promise. Motivated to re-define salad dressing and upgrade from convention, we strive to make a salad dressing that can change people’s minds about salad. Our dressing packs a punch of creamy texture, mild tang, balanced flavor, and seasoned with herbs we grow. Salad dressing is as important to a salad as the greens and vegetables are, it’s not an afterthought. Farm Punk Dressing is intentionally crafted to both surprise and awaken your taste buds. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Wholesome Calories

Although vegetables provide all that yummy crunch and fiber to a salad, the bulk of calories in a salad comes actually come from the dressing. Making sure those calories are proper fuel for your body is so important! This is why we strive to make the healthiest and most delicious dressings we can. They are rich, wholesome, bold, and flavorful. Using quality fats like Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Tahini and free from sugar, gluten, and refined oils, we are able to give your salad an extra ‘oomph’ that will keep you satisfied. Perhaps the saying should go, “A salad a day keeps the doctor away”.

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