Practices & Ethics

Why do we do this? What is our mission? How are our products grown and made?


Farming Practices

We operate on hand-scale and work to implement no-till practices. We plant flowers for beneficial bugs to protect against pests as well for our own delight for biodiversity. We never use pesticides or sprays and only buy organic seeds. Soil health and building a rich network of life beneath our feet is very important to us. This allows us to grow high nutrient dense food while also giving back to the land. With lean farming tactics, we seek to efficiently and effectively grow the most we can with the least amount of impact.


Salad Dressing Ethics

Salad dressing is food too! Not just something to drizzle on top of salad greens but element that plays an integral role in the salad itself. What if we viewed salad greens as a way to eat more salad dressing instead of salad dressing as a way to eat more salad greens? Here at Farm Punk Salads we think that salad dressing is highly misunderstood and we seek to re-define a relationship to it.

Our vegetables live in a symbiotic relationship to our salad dressing. The dressing brings out the fresh flavors of our vegetables while our vegetables inspire the flavors of our salad dressing. Seasoned by herbs we grow, we carefully curate our dressings to pair delectably with the produce we grow.

Here to give your vegetables calories in a meaningful way, we present, Farm Punk Dressing.


Why We Are Doing This

We started Farm Punk Salads because we saw a gap in the farming world during our experiences working on other farms. So many folks want to eat healthy and locally but do not have the time to do so. We all have different diets, we all have different lifestyles, and not everyone can deal with a large box of vegetables each week that all require different types of preparation. In an effort to make healthy food more convenient and accessible, we started Farm Punk Salads as way blend farming with the modern lifestyle. Salad greens and veggies are both our favorite things to grow as well as what we want to share with others. Salad has changed our life, we hope it can for you as well.

We care deeply about this work and our hope is to grow Farm Punk Salads into a viable livelihood. By creating a model that is unlike any other in Portland, we hope to create a successful farm business that can both sustain our lives as well as feed the lives of others.

We are artists who seek to creatively approach Farm Punk Salads, taking it in unconventional directions, because hey, we don’t fit into a standard mold either.

Art + Farming + Technology