Step 1

We have two outlets where we sell our products: Salad CSA and Farmers Market.

Below is a guide to explain the differences.

Farmers Market

  • You can buy what you need

  • A la carte veggies, greens, herbs, microgreens, and dressings

  • Doesn’t require a commitment

  • Requires traveling to the farmers market

CSA Subscription

  • Weekly Delivery to your Home

  • Convenient and easy

  • Requires a minimum 12 week commitment

  • Dates run:

    • Summer: May 21-August 9

    • Autumn: August 13-November 1

  • 10% discount with a 24 week commitment

  • Payment billed monthly

Step 2

Choose which model suits your lifestyle and then order!

CSA Subscription

Farmers Market

Step 3


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