Group Ordering

Live outside of Portland but still interested in a CSA share? Want to have your salads delivered to your workplace?

Get together 5 or more of your friends or co-workers to sign up for a membership and we can deliver your shares to a drop site near you or your place of work.

We are just a small two person operation at this point so we are unable to fully service all of Portland Metro at this time. If you can assemble a group of people willing to commit to 5 shares per week, we can bring you Farm Punk Salads weekly. All you need to do is get a group together, fill our our form below, and we will get back to you about getting your group order going. You will also need to designate one address as a drop site where you all will be willing to pick your shares up weekly. A drop site could be a house or a workplace and doing a CSA socially is a great way to build community.

Contact Us

In order to serve you the best salads, we will need a bit more information about your group ordering. Please let us know how many shares you would like, what size, the address that you would like it dropped off at, and any other details we might need to know to help serve you best!

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How many shares would you like and what size? Are there any specific instructions about delivery?